Our goal is to use Chess as a medium to help develop critical thinking skills, build self-esteem, engender discipline, foster positive social skills, promote academic achievement, and empower children to succeed.

All the activities and programmes undertaken by the Foundation have thus far been funded through private donors and corporate sponsors.


The objectives of this tournament are:

  1. To raise the consciousness and interest locally and in the greater Caribbean, for the game of Chess, via alignment with progressive companies with a regional spread.
  2. To promote our lobby to add Chess to the national educational curriculum, as another step towards the development of youth.
  3. To provide a ready opportunity for children participating in our on-going “Chess-in-Schools” programme to test their Chess playing skills against other children from Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean islands.
  4. To provide another opportunity for Caribbean youth to access strong competition within the region, without the high cost associated with accessing similar levels of competition in North America and Europe.


“Chess-in-Schools” programme

The 12-week curriculum for this programme is taught over the course of a term as part of the regular school day. Students receive instruction once per week. Lessons last a full class period and generally consist of a lecture, a structured activity, and time for free play.

CARIBBEAN CHESS CARNIVAL “Chess-in-Schools” programme    CARIBBEAN CHESS CARNIVAL “Chess-in-Schools” programme     CARIBBEAN CHESS CARNIVAL “Chess-in-Schools” programme

Classroom teachers remain present to aid the Chess instructor, who is employed and trained by the Foundation. Schools participating in this programme receive from us, a supply of Chess sets and boards to help in jump-starting their school club.

After-School Programme

The early adolescent years mark the escalation of peer pressure. Kids begin to make independent choices of where to invest their time and energy.


Our after-school programs conducted at our training centre (Caribbean and Latin American Chess Academy) in Woodbrook offers a safe and stimulating place where students can find like-minded friends.

Tournament Programmes

Our Foundation uses Chess tournaments as an opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills they have learned in their In-School and After-School programmes. As an extension of the classroom programmes, tournaments are the motivation that encourage students and teachers to expect nothing less than mastery of the subject from themselves. In doing so, students develop their focus and concentration, deal with winning and losing in a safe environment, and experience the dynamics of teamwork. Perhaps the most striking outcome is how the challenge of Chess competition boosts the students' confidence and pride!

Week end Training Programme

Our Training programme is designed for the following groups of children:

  1. Those who want to develop their powers of concentration and critical skills so they can do better academically and also do better at day to day problem solving.
  2. Those who want to learn the game or to improve and play in competitions.
  3. Those who just want to have fun playing the game.

CARIBBEAN CHESS CARNIVAL “Chess-in-Schools” programme CARIBBEAN CHESS CARNIVAL “Chess-in-Schools” programme CARIBBEAN CHESS CARNIVAL “Chess-in-Schools” programme

Children are grouped according to age and ability. Training takes place every Saturday at the Caribbean and Latin American Chess Academy (#13 Brabant Street, Woodbrook) and on Sundays at the National Library in Port of Spain.

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